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Many of the articles on this website have been available for quite some time via purchase links powered by the Ganxy e-book distribution and monetization platform. The Ganxy links have enabled me to essentially recoup the cost of a cup of coffee for each download, and many of you have taken advantage of this service. Thank you. Unfortunately, this option will no longer be possible after today (20 December).

Stop drinking all my egg nog!

Ganxy has issued a thirty (30) day notice of termination of services. As of December 29, 2018, all of their operations will shut down and will no longer be available. Thus, I am removing the Ganxy links to download many of these products effective today, as today is when I have time to do this. I could switch over to the Amazon KDP tool and effectively buy into the “de facto oligopolies in eBook and music distribution,” but I don’t have time to set that up this month. I have made a couple of these particular articles available for free temporarily. The time I have available to update this site has dwindled significantly. Thanks again for your patronage of the Kapok Tree Diplomacy site.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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